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"Arpa Legüera"

"Arpa Legüera" is a percussion/string  instrument that evokes the sounds of a Charango, African Kora, and Asian Koto.
Arpa Legüera was invented and crafted by Franco Pinna in 2013.
Its name arose from the construction of the first prototype made of a piece of wood , guitar strings and a Bombo Legüero as a resonator.

 Pictures of the"Arpa Legûera" in its first  stage , 2013.

Franco P.  incorporated "Arpa Legüera" into his percussion setting in 2014. 

The following video  shows an improvisation of the song "AFRO BLUE " on PERCUSSION SET WITH "ARPALEGÜERA"

The arpa legüera and duo Chuño

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